Thursday, April 24, 2014

We Are Moving To A New Home

Good Bye Pretty Jools

Today is the last time I’ll be posting on this blog and although it’s sad to think that I won’t be updating this space any longer, I’m very excited for what’s to come. Pretty Jools will retire because of a project that deserves and needs all of my time and attention. This new project is actually the reason I started Pretty Jools in the first place. 

Back in 2012 I wanted to create a place where I could write about jewelry. My goal was to learn as much as I could about jewelry and to share my point of view with people out there with similar interests. But more than anything, I wanted it to be a bridge to my ultimate goal of starting a jewelry line. I never thought this dream was going to happen this soon. But life works in funny ways and here I’m now, getting closer and closer to accomplishing this dream.

Thank you so much for reading this little blog for the past year and a half. It means the world to me to see how many people have come by and I really hope that you all decide to stop by my new home, The Sommi Blog. In this new space, I’ll be sharing updates about the new jewelry line as well as tips related to jewelry, inspiration for life and travel and occasional DIY projects.

Although I’ll keep this blog online as a reminder of my journey up to this point, I’ll be adding some of the most popular and useful posts in the new blog throughout the coming months. So don’t be surprised if you see some good ol’ familiar tips in the new site!

Side Note: For those of you who are familiar with me in social media, I’ll be changing my usernames from @prettyjools to @_alexandranieto. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Branding Progress

It has been 39 days since the last time I wrote on this blog. Holy crap! I’m so sorry guys, but I have been trying so hard to get some serious work done. And well, blogging was literally left on the back burner. The good news is that things are about to change and regular blogging will be a priority again very soon.

Last time I told you guys about the new name for my jewelry line (for those of you who didn’t get a chance to read about it, you can do so here). But today, I want to share a bit of news about Sommi's branding. I have finally settled on the logo for my line and I’m so sooo happy with the final version I chose to go with. Although I’m not ready to show you the final logo today, I wanted to share the final mood board (picture above) and a few of the original logo options I was playing around with a few weeks ago (see below).

It took me a long time to settle on the imagery for the mood board and, to be honest, I still find myself swapping images from time to time. So I don't know if I can actually call this mood board final, but I guess that's what happens when you know how to use Photoshop and have a Pinterest account.

While designing the logo options I kept in mind the concept of being a dreamer. In the end, I came up with some literal and not so literal versions that incorporated some sort of wings in the design.

Next, I’ll share a bit more of the branding and some other exciting news. Stay tuned!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Well Hello Again.

Now that 2014 is here, I thought that it would be a great time to give you all an update about what has been going on around here. Not that you haven't noticed, but I have been on a blogging hiatus for a couple months. I even took a long vacation from social media. Bad Alex, I know.

During the past months I have been working a lot on preparations to launch my new business. All of it has been new to me. And even if at times it's hard to get organize and tackle everything, I have been enjoying the process. Time really seems to be flying by these days. I guess that's what happens when you love what you are doing.

The most important news I have for you today is that I have selected a name for my jewelry line. But before I tell you the new name I would like to share a little background information so that you guys can see how the name came about.

The jewelry brand I'm envisioning is one whose main goal is to create jewelry catered to young, confident and creative women that are always on the go. So, if you are one of those who is constantly dreaming about where they will travel next or one who embraces their individuality, then you are my kind of girl.

With that being said, I looked for words that could somehow communicate this idea. I looked into different languages as well, including Spanish, Italian, French and Latin. After coming up with some options I put together a small focus group of stylish ladies and with their help I arrived to a final decision. So with no further ado, the name for my new jewelry line is ... drum roll pleaseeeee... SOMMI.

For those of you who are wondering if it means something, the answer is "sort of." Sommi is a made up word. But it is a modified word from the Latin word "somnium" which means, "dream." If anybody asks me, the word Sommi means dreamer. After all, isn't that what all of us are?

And before I forget, happy belated New Year guys! Hope 2014 brings awesome things for all of us!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Illustrated Gems

September went by in the blink of an eye. So much so that it wasn't until today that I realized that I posted once during the past month. I've been a bad blogger, I know. But I promise that my absence was the result of lots of hard work designing and making jewelry.

I finally feel like I'm at a point where I can start picking out the name for my jewelry line. There are so many options that I feel a little overwhelmed. But the time has come to really get serious about this. My hope is to pick a name by the end of next week so that the new branding can be developed. So much work to do!

While I go through my humongous list of possible names I'll leave you with this awesome Illustrated Gems Boxed Set. You can never go wrong with watercolor and gems.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Punta Cana

Punta Cana

We got back to the States last Saturday after seven days in the Dominican Republic. The trip can be summed up in two words: "the beach." Seriously, it was so amazing that I just didn't want to do anything else other than lay under the palm trees close my eyes, feel the warm breeze and listen to the sound of the sea. 

The water was the perfect temperature. During the day it was a little cool and as the night came it got a bit warmer. Most days we didn't leave the beach until 6 or 7 at night. It was so good that one day we decided to stay through a storm that came through late afternoon and we just swam in the rain for a while. The water was so calm that we knew we had to stay. In most places the sea would have been too choppy to stay through the rain. 

It was a great getaway but most importantly we feel rejuvenated now that we are back to our regular routines. Here are a few photos I snapped with my phone. My camera broke so these are all I have. Kind of sad, I know. But I guess it worked out for the best. I wasn't worried about taking pictures and I got on the internet maybe twice during the whole week to check emails. The rest of the time I just disconnected from the world, which is not such a bad idea once in a while. 

Hope everybody had a good week. But in case it wasn't, TGIF!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

JOOL TIP - No. 04 / Three Easy Ways to Wear Ear Cuffs

Ear cuffs can be an intimidating accessory to try. Even though they are popular in magazines and blogs, odds are that when you head out to dinner with your best friend you'll be one of the few people - if not the only one - wearing them. To make the situation a bit more complicated, if an ear cuff isn't worn properly there is the inevitable risk of looking alien like because of the way they make ears stand out. The good news is, though, that there are a few foolproof ways to experiment using this accessory.
Three easy ways to wear ear cuffs

1. START SMALL: Instead of going all in with big and flashy pieces, transition into this trend by wearing small ear cuffs. Starting small will give you time to get comfortable with the extra weight on your ear without any pressure and unwanted attention.

Three easy ways to wear ear cuffs
three easy ways to wear ear cuffs

2. GO CASUAL: Add an ear cuff to a casual outfit. This is a great way to tone down the attention grabbing effect that comes with this accessory. Remember the goal is to feel at ease as you wear the ear cuff. So go with a chic but casual outfit that will give you all the confidence you need while you test the waters with this new trend.

Easy ways to wear ear cuffs
easy ways to wear ear cuffs

3. SOFTEN THE LOOK: Ear cuffs are edgy. One way to balance this trait is to soften your look by going with a wavy and flowy hairstyle. Wearing your hair this way will also camouflage your ear cuff without completely taking it out of site. Again, it's all about subtleness so that you can slowly ease into bigger pieces.

three easy ways to wear ear cuffs
easy ways to wear ear cuffs

Have a great weekend you guys. I'm posting this from the airport as I wait for my flight to the Dominican Republic! 

I'll be back in the States next Saturday :)

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